Physical Therapist

Established 2003

I offer a fully holistic approach to all problems presented and the treatment is complementary to mainstream medical treatment.

It will focus around your individual needs as no person's problem is the same, even if it carries with it identical symptoms. 

My clients include children (including new-born babies), mothers-to-be, the elderly, recreational- and top level sportsmen/woman.


A typical treatment will involve one, or a combination of the treatments below.

The Bowen technique


The Bowen technique is a gentle soft tissue therapy used in musculo-skeletal and systemic presentations, assisting regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Gentle rolling-type moves are used over specific soft tissue points, and the technique sets itself apart from other modalities by including "breaks" after a series of moves in order to facilitate the neuro-endocrine response.



P-DTR is the practical application of theoretical neurology.

Unique to P-DTR as a therapy, is an understanding of the role that sensory nerve endings aka receptors play in the function and processes of the central nervous system. P-DTR uses receptors as its entry point to understand, assess and treat all kinds of dysfunction, pain and symptoms that is possible to experience in the human form.



The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives.

Scars (no matter how old) can restrict movement, most of the time without people realising but will show up as a problem in a different area.

Scars also have a big influence over the efficient functioning of the nervous system, creating different problems throughout the body.


Mon   10am - 8:30pm   
Wed   10am - 8:30pm   
Thu      9am - 5:00pm  ​  

Fri        9am - 5:00pm   


Witney Lakes Resort

Downs Road 


OX29 0SY


The clinic is on ground level with ample free parking. 


  • The allocated time for each appointment is roughly 60 mins and £50 per session

  • A cancellation period of at least 24 hrs before due treatment is appreciated.  

  • A medical history will be taken on your first treatment and a list of current medication is needed.

  • The treatment is done through light clothing - so please wear loose fitting clothing.    

  • A course of 3 treatments over a period of 3-4 weeks is normally recommended.

My appointments have changed slightly due to Covid regulations.

Visit our Covid information page.